Voluptuous Japanese Goddess Banging in Cow Cosplay

Voluptuous Japanese Goddess Banging in Cow Cosplay

Jul 18, 2020

COVID is ramping up everywhere, my Juicers.
Not to fear, we here at Juicy Asian Tits are like the orchestra on the Titanic. Our symphony continues to play amid the chaos and confusion! We are the unsung heroes of the sinking ship! Let us be the teat that quenches your thirst during these unprecedented times! Let me introduce you to this Voluptuous Japanese Goddess that will be your light in those moments of delirium and peril! Letโ€™s bust a huge nut to this one in unity and solidarity!

Skinny B Gets Poetic

I recognize that body. Iโ€™m going to link 2 videos here and here so you can judge for yourself if itโ€™s the same chick. This is the type of specimen I stop the show for, ladies and gentlemen. Should a female with a body this magnificent conceive my seed, it will be Skinny Bโ€™s commencement into fatherhood. To have this walking curvature linger around me for the rest of my days would make me an ecstatic individual. I can only hope that the Law of Attraction hears my orations and send this beauty to me AT ONCE. Speak words into existence, my Juice-loving disciples!

Content of the Scene

Homegirl here takes a page out of Emilyโ€™s Mary Moo Cow episode and puts her own spin on it. I must say she rocks it just as good, if not better. The action begins and our esteemed camera operator has his audienceโ€™s best interests in mind. Slow and steady rolls the film, making sure not a single detail of this Voluptuous Japanese Goddess is overlooked. The angles are simply textbook which is the result of practicing your craft over and over. 2 master craftsmen come together as one to bring you one of the best wanking sessions in recent memory. Have at it, my Juicers. Hold nothing back <3


2 months ago