Thin Chinese with Big Boobs aka Skinny C in the House!

Thin Chinese with Big Boobs aka Skinny C in the House!

Sep 18, 2020

Good morning Juice Land!
Welcome back to another edition of the Juicy Asian Show. As promised on Monday’s post, here is version 2 of that fuck session from the Chinese motel room. I’m proud to announce today that we have come up with a name for this Thin Chinese with Big Boobs. Drumroll, please! Perverts and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you… SKINNY C! That’s right, my Juicers! “Thin Busty Chinese Chick” is too long to keep writing out, so I blessed her with a piece of my own name. Soon you will find her picture on the “Top Models” page from the “Playlists” tab on the menu. Put your hands together for Skinny C’s 5th appearance on the Show! (hold for applause)

Version 2.0

If you watch Monday’s post and then watch this one, you’ll probably say to yourself: “WTF, this almost the same shit.” Keyword here is “almost”, fam. See, the one you are viewing today actually contains a cowgirl ride not present in Monday’s video. I found these clips at the same time and I was stressing balls on which one you guys would enjoy better. Suddenly I thought: “Hey, why am I complicating shit? Why don’t I just present both of them and let the audience choose which one they like more? Sheeeeeit, they might even jerk off to both!” So here they are, baby! Both of these muthafuckers for the showcasing! I know there is the complete video somewhere, so when I find that one, I’ll cancel these two and just leave the original.

Content of the Scene

This is classic Chinese amateur smut right here, my guy. Random fuckin censoring mosaics, “Do not post this video anywhere else” captions running through the screen. What the fuck lol just let us see those magnificent tits please! I would like to point out that almost every time I’ve seen Skinny C give head, her gag reflex gets the better of her. She’s working on it, people, let’s cut her some slack. Bust a creamy load to the Thin Chinese with Big Boobs and have a great weekend, you guys. I love y’all <3


5 months ago