Thick Cutie Emily looks hot as fuck in her dress

Thick Cutie Emily looks hot as fuck in her dress

Mar 4, 2020

Wah Gwaan, my Juicers!
The Juicy Asian Show is back and better than ever. I AM your boy Skinny B, here to dish out only the BEST in the Busty Asian niche. Today we have a fan-favorite in the house! Making her 4th appearance on the Show, please put your hands together for the Thick Cutie Emily. Tell your balls to start their engines because we are going in.

You’ve Got Time For This One

I don’t usually like to post hour-long videos because as they say on the internet: AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! Special circumstances can arise though, so I decided to make an exception. There is no way I was going to deny this blog a new Emily video, regardless of video length. I sat through the entire thing, as I always do, to make sure I didn’t miss any juicy details about this wonder girl. It’s a banger, perverts and gentlemen. You’ll want to see this one through. This knucklehead that’s with her fucked up a bit with his censorship bullshit, but luckily it doesn’t get too much in the way of our enjoyment.

Content of the Scene

If you have the patience to make this the sole video of your wanking session, you won’t be disappointed. Us Asian girl connoisseurs see hella naked bodies on the daily, so you know a girl is special when she is wearing a dress and already making you horny AF. She is looking superbad, and she just teases you as she takes her time undressing. Her and those garments made me feel some type of way in my stomach. Finally, it all comes off and Emily proves that she can take the D any way you want to give it to her. Homeboy bangs her for like half an hour before blowing his wad on her face. He even catches her with that unexpected 2nd cumshot that makes girls flinch. Practice your patience tonight and enjoy all the positions the Thick Cutie Emily has to offer <3

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