Thai Babe with Big Boobs and Hoop Earrings

Thai Babe with Big Boobs and Hoop Earrings

Mar 29, 2021

Welcome back, my Juicers!
This is your boy Skinny B and you are now locked into the Juicy Asian Show. Videos be disappearing randomly so we apologize if one of your favorite clips goes AWOL. Those posts are simply drafted and when a new source comes, we will put them back REAL FAST. Anyway, let’s talk about today’s video! We have a bad Thai Babe with Big Boobs and Hoop Earrings from the streets of Bangkok, perverts and gentlemen. The bigger the better! I’m talking about the tits AND the hoops!

A Bad Thai Bitch

Clips like these continuously make me wonder why the fuck you and I aren’t in Thailand RIGHT NOW. This chick has everything you want in an Asian freak. First couple seconds and I already had a rocket in my pocket.  Just look at the way she carries herself! She’s got that little double-bun haircut with the straight bangs. (My favorite Asian chick haircut of all time FYI.) She’s got studs in her mouth! (Helps with fellatio.) She has the tits and ass we all love. AND… she has the chola hoops that made me pop one all over my keyboard. We got ourselves a bad Thai bitch here.

Content of the Scene

Homegirl models that chest and face right off the bat, and she’s looking quite delicious. If I’m homeboy, my knees are already weak while trying not to drop the camera. As a matter of fact, he is pretty flabbergasted throughout the whole thing, because he can only moan from the ecstacy. After massaging mami’s assets, its time to go inside this bad chick’s mouth. A tongue full of studs an you know this is about to be some bomb head. This is probably one of the most sensual blowjobs in recent memory. I commend this dude for not busting to that, and now it’s time to bounce that body up and down. Enjoy the Thai Babe with Big Boobs and Hoop Earrings, fam. <3


1 month ago