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Tatted Chinese Chick Wants Camera Turned OFF πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³


Tatted Chinese Chick wants camera turned OFF

Mar 6, 2020

TGIF baby!
What’s good my Juicers. I hope you are hanging in there for the last day of the week. If you need to blow off some stress, you know ya boy Skinny B has got you covered. Today we a have a tatted Chinese chick that wants that damn camera out of her face! Let’s take a look at what the deal is.

It’s Time to Play β€œIf I Was Directing”

IF I WAS DIRECTING, I would find a stand for my Huawei because for a chick like this, you best believe I’m using BOTH HANDS to handle business. Even with shit quality, poor lighting, and a rotated view you can tell this chick is hot af. She’s got a thin frame but that juicy sag on her tits more common with the chubbier females we have on this blog. And how about that tattoo down her ribs? Seeing as tats have an element of taboo in Asia, making that sexy body art the centerpiece of the recording would make this scene 10x hotter.

Content of the Scene

Homegirl has an hour-glass figure and she really wants to fuck, but homeboy just needs to have his movie haha. I’m all for recording the steamy action given that the chick is fully consenting, because why do you want to risk her interfering with the equipment, not to mention the lawsuit for posting her on the internet? Who knows what kind of deal they made, all I know is that she makes several attempts to get that muthafucker to put the camera away. Finally she prevails and we are left wondering where on that beautiful body this relentless director busts his nut. It’s a short one my Juicers, but the Tatted Chinese Chick deserves your gander. Enjoy <3

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