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Super Sexy Rina Is The Real Deal πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅


Super Sexy Rina is the real deal

Jan 21, 2020

Happy Tuesday, my Juicers!
Welcome back to the Juicy Asian Show. I AM your host VJ Skinny B, on time ready to serve and erect. My dudes… you are in for a special treat today. We have a 2hr long video featuring the Super Sexy Rina, one of the finest muthafuckers to ever come out of Japan. This ain’t no joke, perverts and gentlemen, so stay tuned.

Remember the name: RINA

I first came across this badass chick about a year ago on the tube sites. During that time, there was only one scene of her getting sandwiched by 2 dudes and that was the end of it. That scene was actually on the blog for over a year but was recently deleted. Luckily, the good people over at VJAV have found the full length feature, delivering not one, but count em 4 SCENES featuring Ms. Rina. Like I mentioned before on her single clip, her work can only be described as CHAMPIONSHIP MATERIAL. Rina has a delicious ass, succulent tits, and a sexy-cute face that makes me wonder how she could only have one film out. She has the potential of an international sex goddess.

Content of the Scene

I told myself I was going to last the full 2hrs, but I could barely hold my load until the end of the first scene 35 minutes in. When you click play you will know what I mean. The first scene was so powerful I just said β€œFuck it” and wrote the review after I came. Rina has a bubbly attitude and she is a natural in front of the camera. No nervousness, just pure positive vibes. You can see she even starts to pre-cum right after homeboy first puts it in. Badass angles and jiggly thickness give this scene the β€œSkinny’s Personal Faves” badge of honor. Enjoy the Super Sexy Rina, fam. ONE LOVE <3

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