Sexy Japanese Yuka Minase will make you fall in love

“Sexy Japanese Yuka Minase will make you fall in love”
Feb 17, 2019

MY GOODNESS this chick is super-BAD! QUICK NOTE guys, I was just doing some organizing around the blog (adding new categories and whatnot), and I noted that this chick YUKA MINASE is probably the skinniest “Juicy Asian” that is acceptable on this blog. Just before watching this clip, I had a self-deliberation on a different clip about whether or not to leave it on the site. The chick was hot and had a good uncensored creampie, however she was skinny and had minimal bust. The title of this blog is JUICY ASIAN, and she didn’t hold the namesake. I felt bad about it, but YOU, the viewer, NEEDS THE JUICE!
Anyway back to the clip. Even though sexy Japanese Yuka Minase isn’t super thick, she does make the grade with her chest. PLUS she is pretty and bangs really well, so please ENJOY <3
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8 months ago