Sakura Sena bangs another white dude

Sakura Sena bangs another white dude

Mar 24, 2020

What up fam!
I hope you are continuing to take precaution against the pandemic. Juicy Asian Tits would be nothing without you! This is your boy Skinny B checking in…on a TUESDAY, got Sakura Sena on the show, and she CHOOSAY! No more Japanese dudes for this silicon nympho. And it’s ALL right, cuz it’s ALL WHITE.

The Silicon Seductress

SakuraSena.CA means she left Japan to continue her sex adventures in Canada. By the quality of the vid, I was estimating this shit to be from like the year 2000 tops, but the credits at the end confirm its 2007. Shit I was a freshman in college… and I don’t recall any porn video quality looking THAT retro. Sakura must be on her DIY game because the transitions, angles, and editing are… eh, well, let’s just say we are here for Sakura’s Fake Tits, which she delivers on. I’m not sure where this nymphomaniac is today, but her productions continue to make their rounds on the tube sites.

Content of the Scene

I’m loving her sophisticated look. Her hair is slicked back and she’s wearing all black lingerie. It gives me that Femme Fatale Assassin vibe that adds more fuel to the already raging boner tank. Today’s lucky male participant is a swag-challenged gentleman in sunglasses, but I can’t hate on homeboy’s image too much because he was handpicked personally by Ms. Sena to do this scene. To each his own, as they say. The flow of the sex between these two is a bit choppy, with constant brakes and bumps prolonging the fuck session longer than it needs to be. If you are looking for the right segment to bust your nut to, I suggest fast forwarding to the doggy before the cumshot. Our also-novice cameraman gets a great angle and you’ll enjoy a decent orgasm watching her swinging tits and passionate faces. Sakura Sena, perverts and gentlemen! (applause)

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