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This Week’s Clip: GAS-477 
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What up, my Juicers!
It’s your favorite video jockey Skinny B here with a juicy treat for all my Japanese AV Connoisseurs! For a limited time only, R18 is hooking you up with a free HD movie that you can stream or download onto your phone when you register with their community. But first thing is first: WHAT IS R18, and why do they want you to sign up? Kick back and enjoy the read, because your boy is gonna lay it all on the line for you.

Why sign-up for R18?

R18.com is first and foremost an HD Video-on-Demand service from Japan. This site specializes in full-length high quality movies that showcase the assets of sexy Japanese women to the world. But here’s the real kicker, perverts and gents: if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find many features to the site that are convenient, informative, entertaining, and best of all, completely free! The following are the TOP 3 REASONS why you should register and take advantage of what they have to offer:


The R18 library can be used as a reference guide for every single piece of Japanese Adult Video made in recent history! The “Big Tits” category alone carries over 60,000 titles that are properly catalogued with video codes, release dates, actress names, and samples like the one above. Click the banner below and feast your eyes on THE BEST OF JAPANESE BIG TITS:

The most comprehensive library in the world

Reason #2: Daily News Updates

The feature I dabble-in the most has to be the daily news blog. I identify with this journalism because as you know, I love writing and speaking my mind about the adult cinema I watch. R18 correspondent Nick dives into topics like debuts, interviews, discussions, and many other aspects of the JAV world. The articles are a great read, especially if you like the ridiculous shit that you read here on the Juicy Asian Show! Click the banner below to browse the “big titties” tag of the news section:

All the latest headlines of the JAV world

Reason #3: Bridging the gaps

Finally my Juicers, the reason that got Skinny B to sign up himself: R18 is the ONLY active liaison between the English-speaking world and the amazing porn industry of Japan. The library, the articles, the newsletters, and the talk shows are all catered specifically to YOU, the horny Western devil! Please direct your attention to the video below:

R18’s very first Live Talk Show. Tonight’s guest: Hitomi Tanaka


So there you have it. The 3 reasons why Skinny B fucks with R18 and why you should too. Upon completing the super simple registration, your free HD movie will be waiting for you in your account library. Whether in front of your desktop or on the go with your phone, I sincerely hope you enjoy your gift and the great perks R18 has to offer. Godspeed!

Sign Up Below to Enjoy your Free HD Movie Courtesy of R18

Sign Up Here: https://r18.com/register

After Sign Up, File is Available in Account Library


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