Plump K-pop Girl Gets Down at the Love Hotel

Plump K-pop Girl Gets Down at the Love Hotel

Jun 17, 2020

Yooo, what up, tho!
Welcome to another edition of the Juicy Asian Show. It’s your boy VJ Skinny B out here in this online jungle, ready to serve and erect. Fam, you know what’s funny? When I started this blog, I was worried about how much content I could go through before I ran out. Little did I know, IT NEVER RUNS OUT! Somewhere, somehow, a fine Busty Asian chick agrees to bear it all on camera. BIG SHOUTOUT to all the troopers out there that supply our blog nonstop. Today’s cumshot contributor comes from the Land of Morning Calm. Let’s talk about how this Plump K-pop girl gets down at the love hotel!

Haters Will Say She is Fat

This is what I love about Korea the most. All the full-figure girls are slept-on, because their society glorifies skin and bones. They never stop to think about how enjoyable the meat really is. That’s where your boy Skinny B flourishes! All the girls who were made to believe their curves were excess baggage suddenly gett the recognition they deserve. And it wasn’t even me just spewing BS to get laid- this Latin animal really meant what he said. My words were sincere so it was a win-win situation for both parties.

Content of the Clip

Mami did a good job dolling herself up. This is why I likened her to a K-pop idol. The look she gives is just salivating, especially when she is giving head. Y’all know me… these are the types I refuse to pull out on. Give me a son! Her dick-handling skills are exemplary, so I will give her the title of horniest Korean chick on this blog. This couple can get the chair for releasing this shit from Korea, so let’s give props where props are due. Salute to the plump K-pop girl and her horniness. Enjoy <3


4 months ago