Plump Japanese Babe Takes Facial at Love Hotel

Plump Japanese Babe Takes Facial at Love Hotel

Jul 14, 2020

Wah Gwan, my youths!
Welcome back to the Juicy Asian Show. It’s your boy Skinny B here holding down the fort for all my Busty Asian lovers. It’s Big Tits Mania every day of the week, and the carnival is open 24/7! Hurry, Hurry! Today’s main attraction features this Plump Japanese Babe that loves dick as much as she loves dessert. That’s the type of hunger we welcome to our blog with open arms. Join me as we dive into retarded discussion that should definitely not be read by anyone. Let’s get it!

All About That Bass

I can’t get over big girls, fam. It’s just in my Latino DNA to appreciate a thick, curvy girl over a thin one. There is some truth to that Megan Trainer song after all. She says boys like a little more booty to hold at night. After some passionate sex, I immediately want to crash out on top of her like she was a body pillow. Throughout the night, you best believe ass, thighs, and titties will meet Skinny’s palms and fingers. Nothing makes me feel warmer aka the sleep is going to be bomb. In my experience, a plump babe such as today’s guest is always flattered you are showing her curves extra love.

Content of the Scene

It’s another one from Osakaporn, ladies and gents. Everyone meet Maido aka Skinny M haha. How do I know his name? His chicks give him a shout out before the scene starts lol. My man here has a slim build but is banging thick Japanese bitches nonetheless. You can see why I admire his work! The channel is relatively new so we will keep an eye out on your behalf for his good ones. Today’s girl is from the crème de la crème of Osaka’s thick women. I love everything about her, from the way she pops out her tits to the way she takes a facial. Ms. Plump and Skinny M give an awesome performance that is sure to fill up your folded tissue with ease. This is Skinny B signing out saying enjoy your nut and have nice evening. JUICY ASIAN TITS FOR LIFE <3


4 months ago