Nina Nishimura Serving Ejaculations Left and Right

Nina Nishimura Serving Ejaculations Left and Right

Aug 24, 2019


This week we have Nina Nishimura serving ejaculations!
Bros… it has been one week since the last post.
And let me tell you… there has been very good reason for that.
Although I didn’t give you guys a new clip for 6 days, I have still be putting wrench time into this blog PLUS ANOTHER big tits content page which I will be unveiling either next week or 2 weeks from now. STAY TUNED!

Now lets get into this CLIP!

I don’t mean to get all sentimental, but this clip takes me back in to an “interesting” time in my life . It’s not necessarily a good or bad time, but here’s what was going on:
Place: Seoul, South Korea
Time: 2016-2018
Let me just say Seoul is an ALCOHOLICS HAVEN. LITERALLY the entire city is partying, especially on the weekend. Before i had the light of in my life, I was pretty much directionless and only thought about bitches and drinks. 

SO… what does this have to do with big tits Japanese girls?

Well…you know that feeling… when you wake up on a Saturday or Sunday morning..hungover as shit and even more disappointed that the night ended without taking anyone home? Yea you know.
Nina Nishimura was my go to girl when i just needed to blow a huge load and set of an atomic bomb of dopamine in my head. I mean look at her FACE, her ASS, and most importantly, her TITS! I would go as far as to say it helped cure my hangover cuz i would immediately fall into a much needed power nap. 

HANGOVER KIT: Gatorade, soup, and busty Nina.

After I cleaned my act up and stopped drinking all the time, I started to give Nina a rest. Still though… its a scene I will never forget. I hope you blow a juicy wad to this one, fam. ENJOY IT as much as I did. <3


2 years ago