Minnanopaizuri Titfuck Masters are back at it again

Minnanopaizuri Titfuck Masters are back at it again

Dec 17, 2019

What’s good, everyone! Friends from the US and from abroad!
Welcome back to the Juicy Asian show. I am your boy Skinny B, and I’m going to keep cumming until the government takes me out!  Today we give another time slot to our good friends, the Minnanopaizuri Titfuck Masters. Let’s get it started, y’all!

A badass crew

I call them a crew because I believe there to be more than 2 members. No one’s face is ever revealed in their videos, but I noticed a few clues that led me to this conclusion. If you compare today’s clip with yesterday’s, you’ll notice that the chick in the tight green dress is curvier and definitely has a bigger ass. Also, if you spend enough time on their twitter page, across the storm of big tit videos you can start to see differences in girth, nipple shape, etc. In regards to the male star, these vids are always shot POV, and I tend to be distracted by the busty-ness to be looking for a change in cocks. If it’s been only one dude in all these videos, he deserves some sort of lifetime achievement award to say the least.

Content of the Scene

It’s just another day at the office for the Minnanopaizuri Titfuck Masters. Today’s mistress is looking mighty fine in that striped one-piece. Although there is no outstanding curvature below the waistline, her cleavage is enough to hook even an ADHD sufferer. This crew rarely dicks around with any useless dialogue. Both stars know what the job is and how they’re supposed to do it. Shit, they even mix business with pleasure! In a temporary lapse of camera focus, our co-stars sneak in what sounds like a big sloppy kiss. That’s all we ever want to present here, my Juicers: passion and enthusiasm. You’ll see plenty later in the video when you witness how she uses both her hand and left breast as skin borders to jerk off homeboy. Performances like these earn them the title of Titfuck Masters. Enjoy, my Juicers.

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