Minnanopaizuri Japanese Titfuck with sexy outfit

Minnanopaizuri Japanese Titfuck with sexy outfit

Dec 16, 2019

What up, my Juicers! It’s Monday afternoon, but fug it! Any time is a good time for some JUICY ASIAN TITS! I am your boy Skinny B, ready to deliver the best boobs our Asian friends have to offer. Today we have a clip that has made it on to your boy’s “Editor’s Picks” list. It’s been a minute since we had them on the show, but please welcome the Minnanopaizuri Japanese Titfuck crew!

Skinny, what is Minnanopaizuri?

That’s a very good question, fam. In Japanese, Minnano means “belongs to everyone” and Paizuri is the infamous term that means “Tittyfuck.” So in essence we are dealing with the “Everyone’s Tittyfuck” studio, who is really becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Japanese AV world. This studio is special because they don’t operate the way your traditional AV company does. This crew shoots homemade material and sells it on a PPV platform called FC2. The whole of Japan’s DIY directors sell their content there, but I’d say Minnanopaizuri stands out among the lot. We have a nice little batch of their content right here on the blog! Just search the titfuck category above and you shall see the plethora of sandwiches this crew has to offer. 

Content of the Scene

Yooo this chick definitely chose the right outfit for today’s shoot. That emerald aqua green is an aphrodisiac stemming from traditional seductive Asian clothing. It gets me excited because I get the hint that I am about to fuck Jade from Mortal Kombat. This chick, however, is the curvier version of that already sexy character, and her cleavage is what makes the scene extra special. As we zoom out, we see that she has thick legs and a voluptuous ass as well. It’s a shame all they do is tittyfuck, because our heroine has the body of an international superstar. The Minnanopaizrui Japanese Titfuck Crew is in full effect!

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