Little Miss Innocent back for ROUND 2

“Little Miss Innocent back for ROUND 2”
Jun 26, 2019
Good Morning, my good JUICERS! I hope all of you are keeping cool in this summer kick-off.
Guess who’s back?
Back Again (Eminem voice)
It’s cute little miss innocent JAV. What did you think of her last video? I think she should take her lovely cute act and run with it! We want more. Shoot, I even added her previous vid to my personal favorites category. It is the highest badge of honor here on our lovely blog.
Here she is back for Round 2! She looks alot more comfortable here but oddly enough, her nervousness from the first vid is what made it hot!
Give me you take on this one, fam. Strap yourselves in for 1hr.

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1 year ago