Juicy plump Japanese cutie is a shy freak

Juicy plump Japanese cutie is a shy freak

Dec 26, 2019

Post-Christmas hangover, my Juicers.
But fug it… The Juicy Asian show goes on! Welcome back to another edition of your favorite program. I AM your host Skinny B, delivering only the baddest busty bitches Asia has to offer. Today we have a juicy plump Japanese cutie for your viewing pleasure. Ready, set, FAP

See, what HAD HAPPENED was…

So I’m cruising through the streets of PornHub, right. I come across a playlist titled “Japanese Busty” and I’m like JACKPOT. I open the playlist and suddenly I get stressed out. SO MANY FAT TITS from over 600 clips… how am I… how do I… I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START! MY JUICERS ONLY DESERVE THE BEST OF THE BEST. THERE ARE TOO MANY OPTIONS HERE. So I take a deep breath and hover over the clips to see the mini previews, one by one. Suddenly, they all appear the same! I cannot differentiate. There’s not one that stands out. What am I going to do?? 


Finally, a breakthrough! I find this juicy plump Japanese cutie. Without hovering over the clip for too long, I enter the video, and VOILA, THAR SHE BLOWS. Although she’s not the bustiest girl in the world, I think she satisfies our thirst for thickness. Thick thighs, thick ass, thick bust, thick cute face. Not only this, but the clip is uncensored. AND NOT ONLY THAT, she also takes the ever so loveable POV creampie that allows you to live vicariously through our male co-star. This PYT(pretty young thing) fucks every which way, so she is the perfect wank after smoking a bowl right before falling asleep. Asian society cherishes the thin starfishes, but I will gladly go to town with this chick any day of the week. Enjoy the juicy plump Japanese cutie, my Juicers. ONE LOVE <3


9 months ago