Juicy Nipples Chinese Amateur rings in the New Year

Juicy Nipples Chinese Amateur rings in the New Year

Jan 25, 2020

Happy Chinese New Year, my Juicers.
For our viewers that are of Asian background, I hope you are having a wonderful time with your families.
What better to way to ring in the New Year than with a Juicy Nipples Chinese Amateur homemade clip? There is no better way. I hope you are stuffed with food and booze, because it’s time to rub one off!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Let me tell you this quick story. I had this fantasy back in high school, right. I started to become curious about Asian girls around 2005, after I saw Kill Bill Vol. 1. Gogo Yubari’s look had me heated and I wanted to dick her down while hearing her moan in her native language. Funny enough, when I got to college and started fucking around with this Taiwanese chick, I was determined to fulfill my fantasy. We vibed so well that she was willing reciprocate her love by accepting my request. I asked her to put on a school girl outfit and speak into me in Mandarin while we fucked. It felt as awesome as it sounds. I know this story was out of nowhere, but I’m reminded of it as I hear the chick from this video moan so sexy and submissively.

Content of the Scene

It’s classic Chinese Amateur smut, perverts and gentlemen: a minute length at most, shitty angles, and crappy quality. But as long as she has juicy tits, you know it will be welcome on our blog haha. Check out her face though! She almost looks white. Maybe it’s just the angle and the lighting. My suspicions were put to rest though after she started with that submissive sex talk. Nothing gets me harder than hearing Chinese chicks moan. Can I get a “Hell yea?!” Excellent. We got 92 seconds of this Juicy Nipples Chinese Amateur to make it happen, fam. Don’t let me down. ONE LOVE <3

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