Juicy Bust Cambodian Chick fucks John Tron

Juicy Bust Cambodian Chick fucks John Tron

Mar 9, 2020

Weekend Hangovers.
There is no better remedy for those than a session at Juicy Asian Tits! Welcome back to the Show, everyone. I go by the name of video jockey Skinny B, always here to serve and erect. It’s my pleasure to welcome our first guest from the country of Cambodia! Leave it to John Tron to showcase this Juicy Bust Cambodian Chick for our eyes to feast on. Let’s jump right into this.

Who is John Tron?

For those of you who are unaware, John Tron runs the Asian Sex Diary, a channel I have been following for the past 6 years! This dude has gone on a rampage throughout the Orient and I must say the chicks he brings on there are worth the wank. In fact, we have a good amount of his videos right here on the blog for you to enjoy. Click here or the John Tron tag below to see what he has to offer. The age old question asks: “And what would YOU do with a million dollars?” I’d be lying if my first thought was not “Travel around Asia banging busty native girls and making money of the sex tapes.” I tip my hat to you, John. The Juicy Asian Show recognizes you as “the man.”

Content of the Scene

It’s another John Tron classic here, perverts and gentlemen. The man has good taste. Just look at the fine specimen he has found out in Cambodia. We can talk about her voluptuous tits, luscious ass, and thick legs all day, but how about those juicy lips downtown? We’ve never commented on the attractiveness of the labia majora before, so today is a day of two firsts! John Tron recognizes good pussy when he sees it, so best believe he’s going to tear this one up. Only thing missing from this Juicy Bust Cambodian Chick is the Creampie, but that won’t deter us from enjoying this clip to the fullest. Kick back and blow a fat wad to this one, fam <3

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