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Juicy Asian American Chick Rides D In A Daewoo πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


Juicy Asian American Chick rides D in a Daewoo

Mar 7, 2020

My Juicers!
What’s the deal y’all. We’re here on a Saturday morning doin the damn thing. I AM your boy Skinny B, and NOBODY can fuck wit me! In this edition of the Show, we have a Juicy Asian American Chick riding D in DAE WOO! WOO! (Bobby Lee voice) We got lots to talk about so without further ado…

I’m Not Recording Your Face, Don’t Worry

This dude actually dropped this line lol and the chick was all good with it. She didn’t look too worried to begin with, so I guess it doesn’t even matter. Hopefully homeboy doesn’t catch a case, because this shit forever belongs to the internet now and it’s VIRAL time. Imagine you spot this chick eating at her favorite K-Town restaurant… will you go up and ask for an autograph? Just tell her Skinny B sent you…

So THATS Why My Uber is Late

How comfortable can it be fucking in any seat of a car? If it is in the heat of the moment, I get it… but I wouldn’t say either of their libidos is red-lining right now. Just look at homeboy: not ALL blood flow made it to his dick; just enough stayed in his brain to entice him to pull out his phone and start recording. To each his own I guess. I’m just saying Skinny B likes his area of fornication to be as comfortable as possible, especially with a decent chick like this one. But hey, for all we know the car was her idea, and this opportunistic thrill-seeker is just capitalizing on the situation.

Content of the Scene

It’s another short amateur clip shot in vertical, perverts and gentlemen. Truth be told we have larger tits on the blog, but I had to put this one on blast because of the dialogue. Homegirl is also riding with passion and affection, and you know enthusiasm is one of the 4 pillars of our Creed (the others being: huge tits, pretty faces, and visible semen). She trades off riding and kissing, and loves to jiggle her juggs for the camera. This Juicy Asian American Chick is now famous, and you saw it here first on JUICY ASIAN TITS! Enjoy <3

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