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Hold Your Nut Challenge: 30 Minutes πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅


Hold Your Nut Challenge: 30 minutes

Feb 1, 2020

My Juicers. My loyal Juicers.
Welcome BACK to the Juicy Asian Show. I am your boy Skinny B, just chillin here doing my thing on Super Bowl weekend. Today we have the infamous Hold Your Nut Challenge. The contestant will try not to cum for a full 30 minutes. Let’s jump right into the action.

Haters Will Say She is Fat

Some will probably not be down to fornicate with this beauty. To those I say: BE GONE, YEE! VANISH! This is Juicy Asian Tits, my friend. This lovely full-figured girl is the EPITOME of what we like. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, she will look familiar. Here’s the first clip we had of her on the show. As for a name, I want to call her Emily, because I somewhat recall seeing this on a PornHub comment. I will do some digging and confirm this name soon. All I know is that my genes say this is an ideal body for the mother of my children.

The Hold Your Nut Challenge

It is the challenge that holds men’s ego by the balls: CAN YOU step up and accept any length of time your girl sets for you? Considering the body Emily has, this is going to be a close one. If I was going to take this challenge, I would not be too cool to ask for some training time. What I mean is I would not jump straight into a 30 minute session. I’d tell my girl β€œOkay. Today I’m going to complete 5 minutes.” As little as that sounds, taking giant strides can be taxing on one’s willpower. In this case, slow and steady wins the race. After the 5 minute challenge comes the 10; after that the 20, and so on.

The Out-cum

It’s a close one, but my boy here pulls through! Congratulations, mate! Emily thought she had him but when they check the time, homeboy is well over the finish line. Well done! It appears as if there was a bet involved and Emily has lost. If homeboy here can complete the Hold Your Nut Challenge, there is no reason why you can’t either. Godspeed, my Juicers.

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