Get Off Your Phone And Take This Dick

Get Off Your Phone And Take This Dick

Aug 7, 2020

What up, my Juicers!
It’s your boy here on this Friday morning serving up another glass of the Juicy Asian Show! For those of you who don’t know, we scour the web for the best clips of Big Boobs from the Orient. Today’s clip involves a thin but busty Chinese girl who is the epitome of Generation Z with her mobile. “Get Off Your Phone and Take This Dick!” says her knight in shining armor. Without further ado, let’s talk that shit!

Food For Thought

This is the real fucking world problem in Skinny Bs opinion. More so than COVID-19 or your and my addiction to Big Asian Tits. Muthafuckers are glued to their phones 24/7! It has turned us into slaves that are trapped without a Harriet Tubman to lead us to freedom. It’s true, 75% of you check us out on mobile. However, I bet you aren’t tuning in when you are spending time with your best friend or hiking a mountain. Or in today’s guest’s case, trying to record a porno! Live in the moment, bitches! How many times have you been out having a drink with the crew (pre-quarantine) and none of you are talking because one of you is checking your instagram feed. Our “society” (being social) is so totally fucked, fam.

Content of the Scene

The first 3 quarters of the clip suck balls, I’m not going to lie to you. I was about to toss this out, but I thought homegirl on her phone made for a good topic. And sure enough, that’s when the decent angles and pace of the sex picked up. I don’t speak Chinese, so I’m just going to put my own dubbing for the conversation at 16:23:
Homeboy: “Let’s go baby, it’s time to roll camera.”
Homegirl: “I don’t want to suck dick yet, I want to check my Weibo”
Homeboy: “Check it later babe, I want to get this nut off soon.”
Homegirl: “Fuck your nut, these pics are getting hella likes.”
Homeboy: “Get off your phone and take this dick” (Brings cock closer to her mouth)
Homgirl: “Fiiinnneee.” (Gags)
Enjoy the clip everyone. JUICY ASIAN TITS FOR LIFE <3


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