Get Off Your Phone and Take This Dick Part 2

Get Off Your Phone and Take This Dick Part 2

Sep 14, 2020

Yoooo What up, fam!
Welcome back to another edition of the Juicy Asian Show! I AM your boy Skinny B, the man responsible for compiling the 200+ videos you see on this site! After today’s clip, have a look around and I promise you’ll find something you’ll cherish for years to come. Big tits from Asia just don’t stop, so neither do we! Aight, it’s time to get into our clip of the day. Bitches be on their phones WAY too much, fam. Strap yourselves in because this is “Get off your Phone and Take This Dick” Part muthafuckin 2!

Our favorite Skinny Chinese Chick

We need to give this chick a name, because this is her 4th appearance on the Show. Something along the lines of “how did you get tits so juicy with such a small frame.” We’ll figure it out, and when I do, I’ll tag her videos. Normally we honor thick bitches on this blog but there’s something about this petite pleasure package that makes me a fan. I think she is the epitome of Asian femininity and we all wish we could have one in our beds every night to wear out. I’m talkin multiple rounds back to back, son!

Content of the Scene

We start things off as homeboy interrupts her Weibo session to give her a sausage breakfast. Dick is definitely more important than likes, so she puts that phone away REAL FAST. After some brief oral, it’s time to hit that bony ass while gripping her juggs. The side view is chill, but homeboy rotates her so we can watch those titties jiggle. I like how the dude ends the doggy with an extreme crotch rocket that is probably smashing her cervix. The cries of pleasure and pain from our feminine princess confirm that he is in there PLOWING. I hope you enjoy today’s clip, my Juicers. Check back in on Friday as we bring you version 2.0 of this amateur Chinese fuck session. Have a great nut and remember to tell that bitch: “Get off your phone and take this diiiaakkkk (Ludacris voice)” Skinny B out.


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