Cute Face Filipina Loves to Suck and Ride the D

Cute Face Filipina Loves to Suck and Ride the D

Jul 28, 2020

Another day, another video!
Welcome back to the Juicy Asian Show, my dudes. This is your boy Skinny B holding it down for all the fans! I won’t rest until every single Busty Asian video is on our site, which will be never! I will be 80 years old and still giving you guys updates hehe. We’re in this for the LONG HAUL. Aight, let’s cut the chit chat- it’s time to get into today’s video. Let’s give a warm juicy welcome to this Cute Face Filipina that loves to suck and ride the D! (Applause)

Food For Thought

It’s another fuckin John Tron video, ladies and gentlemen. This dude has planted the German flag all over Southeast Asia. You know what I wondered? Why is there hella content shot from the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, etc, but none from Korea, Japan, China, or Taiwan. It could be a matter of socioeconomics. Girls from Southeast Asia might be easier to convince to star in an adult video because of the monetary gain. A payout worth 1 month’s salary is a formidable temptation. Their East Asian counterparts could be in a better financial position and would be inclined to turn down such offers. Imagine someone does pull off what JT does in those more developed countries though! That would be a premium sight worth paying for.

Content of the Clip LOL. You don’t need to go there, fam. A: I just searched it and it’s a domain for sale. 2: Who advertises HD videos with a low quality upload? No wonder that domain didn’t last. If you look at this chick’s assets though, you’ll see why I let this one slide. I love how she stares at the camera while she has homeboy’s cock in her mouth. She wants you to know she is innocent but loves being bad at the same time. Not to mention her milky tits jiggle like crazy! Her outfit is stunning and I really wish we saw a creampie. We can’t have it all though, my Juicers. It’s only a 6 minute clip today, but I think you will like this one! Let this Cute Face Filipina guide the semen straight out of you! JUICY ASIAN TITS FOR LIFE <3


2 months ago