Big Boobs Thai Has an Undeniably Squeezable Rack

Big Boobs Thai Has an Undeniably Squeezable Rack

Aug 25, 2020

It’s Titty Tuesday, my Juicers!
But then again, everyday is Titty Day here at the Juicy Asian Show. I am your host VJ Skinny B, living a variation of a dream I had as a kid to be hosting MTV Jams. Doing countdowns at the beach and shit. Shoutout to Bill Bellamy and the rest of the 90s VJs! (R.I.P Music Video Shows) Big Asian Tits Videos is what we got now, so that’s what we are going to run with! Holding it down for you on this Tuesday is the Big Boobs Thai Tida, to whom I give my full endorsement. Let’s jump right into the bullshit commentary baby, WOOOO (Ric Flair voice)

The Plan

We welcome Tida back for her 2nd appearance on the Show. Fuck’s sake man, whenever I look at this girl, I think to myself: Why the fuck am I not in Thailand right now? Here at home, the Pandemic is pandemonium, my California forests are burning, and all the TV says to do is stay home and Postmate Carl’s Jr. This is insanity, fam. Far at the other end of the pond, however, is Tida… with her cute braces and sexy body inviting me to the undisputed Land of Smiles. So check this out: you keep on visiting this site, busting nuts and all that, and help man make this site #1 on Google. We monetize this shit, your boy moves to Bangkok, and hosts the first ever Juicy Asian Tits Bash with about 20 hookers and your name on the guest list. Sounds like a plan, innit!

An Announcement from Skinny B

It’s come to my attention that the blog has an overwhelming supply of Japanese girls. There will never be a shortage of Japanese Big Tits videos as long as we live, so your boy will put in extra effort to find the hidden gems from China, Korea, Philippines and Thailand. I think a good balance of flavors will be what sets Juicy Asian Tits apart from any other Asian website you visit. Our lovely blog is nothing without YOU, bruv. YES, YOU. If you are reading this, then you are part of the Juicer family and your boy Skinny is here to serve YOU. To get in touch or just give a shout, holler on Twitter, Reddit, or Stay up my guy, and we’ll see you here for the next video. <3


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