Big Boobs from Hong Kong Wiggle and Jiggle Around

Big Boobs from Hong Kong Wiggle and Jiggle Around

Aug 24, 2020

What up, my dudes!
It feels good to be here on a Monday morning getting horny with y’all. For those who don’t know me, I go by the name of Skinny B, and I’m that dude bringing you the Best Boobs the Asian continent has to offer! Bookmark us and visit often because the party never stops. I’ve got the perfect clip to kick off the week today, bruh. Don’t even trip because it’s not even that long. How fast can you bust your nut tho? Well… who ever uploaded these big boobs from Hong Kong says you can nut in 1:11. Fug it, LET’S DO IT!

PornHub Easter Egg

You guys have to check out this little stash I found on PornHub last night. This “BatmanHK2” user has short length uploads of some of the juiciest Chinese tits I’ve ever laid eyes on. This is the type of girl I classify as “un-pull-out-able.” Fuck it man, I’m about to be 32 years old, I’ll have a kid. Anyway, all the clips from this stash pretty much over lap each other, except the one where she’s getting dicked down in the shower. I was seriously thinking of presenting that one for today’s show, but I felt the camera was too far away from the glass she is pressing her tits up against. Still a fire clip though. I highly recommend these clips on a late-night PornHub creep.

Content of the Scene

Like I said in the beginning, its only 1:11, but that’s plenty of time to get a nut off with the type of jiggling action we get today. And even if you wanna extend that and turn your wanking session into an evening, you can just loop this muthafucker and not get bored. The best thing about this Chinese girl is how enthusiastically she moans and shakes her tits around. Mr. Amateur Director here found a good girl to film his content with. Between the cowgirl and missionary, I’m gonna have to time my nut to the latter, because that’s when the titty jiggling is the most crazy. Have at it, my Juicers. Enjoy these Big Boobs from Hong Kong. ONE LOVE <3


1 month ago