Big Boobs Filipina Interviews for Maid Position

Note: Original Video Deleted.
Shorter Version Added. No Creampie 🙁

Big Boobs Filipina Interviews for Maid Position

Aug 29, 2020

Welcome to the Juicy Asian Show, where we showcase only the best tits the Far East has to offer. I go by the name of Skinny B, and this is my discipline. My craft. My purpose for living. We ain’t in the work-a-job-you-hate-business. We in the big titty advertising business, and cousin… BUSINESS IS-A BOOMIN. Please join me in welcoming yet another Big Boobs Filipina who is looking to take on the role of the sexy ass maid. Homegirl is here to clean up after you, including your creampie semen. Let’s get right into the bullshit, fam.

New Kid on the Block

There’s a new player in town. He goes by the name of Monger in Asia. It seems pretty similar to Asian Sex Diary, but I can tell the production quality is at par with times. ASD was started in the former half of the previous decade, so let’s see if Monger will be the shit in the roaring 20s. If you look at the dates of his posts, he just got started this year. We have high hopes for this dude, and hopefully he can fish out some more big tits for us to enjoy.

Content of the Scene

Baby girl’s tits look fire right as she walks through the door! FUBU came back from the dead to outline that natural Pinay thickness. Homie slips her into the maid uniform REAL FAST and pulls out some shit we’ve never seen on the Show before: nipple clamps. That shit caught me off-guard, but I gave it a chance and I think the accessory worked out well. We get to enjoy a nice jingle as we watch her tits bounce round and round. As homie exclaims multiple times, shorty is a good girl and takes the creampie like a champ. It looks to me like she is getting hired IMMEDIATELY. You can congratulate this Big Boobs Filipina on her new job by busting a nut of your own hehe. Have it at, bruh. Juicy Asian Tits FOR LIFE <3


6 months ago