Anri Okita does Q and A with Skinny B

Anri Okita does Q and A with Skinny B

May 23, 2020
Juicy Exclusive!

Welcome back to the Juicy Asian Show. I am your host Skinny B, and I present Asian breasts for a living. Today’s guest is none other than the beautiful Anri Okita. As you can see in the intro, Anri sat down for some Q and A with ya boy in this juicy exclusive. The interview was conducted in Japanese, but we have the English transcript for your reading pleasure. Enjoy <3

You’re a favorite over at the Juicy Asian Show. What would like to say to all the Juicers right off the bat?

Skinny, let me start by saying I’m a huge fun of the show, and it’s an honor to be doing this interview. To the Juicers, I want to say I enjoy being the girl they jerk off to, and I hope they will bust some good ones to this 4-scene feature film.

Would you ever do an interracial scene?

You know I mostly do Japanese cock, but of course as a porn star I’m open to new opportunities. One thing I will say though, if I am going to fuck a westerner, it has to be someone I respect and admire. It’d be great to do a scene with you, Skinny. We could premier the film exclusively on Juicy Asian Tits!

The Juicers would definitely like that. Is it true you speak English?

Yes of course. I was actually born in Birmingham, England. I fucked around with English dicks in my schooling days, but now I want to come see what the action is in California! Fuck me, then take me out to eat Skinny!

It’s a deal. Are you ready to present your first uncensored content?

I’ve been looking forward to it my whole life! Genital censoring is the most annoying part about Japanese porn. It’s understandable for back in the 70s and 80s when porn was brand new, but its 2020 already. Since you will be my first uncensored cock, I don’t want you to hold back.

Your director is looking at me and saying we have to wrap up. Thank you for talking with us Ms. Anri Okita. I’ll see you soon.

Tootles, my prince. Don’t jerk off at all prior our shoot. 😉

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