Airi Mikumo fucks in front of Tokyo Tower πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

Airi Mikumo fucks in front of Tokyo Tower

May 27, 2020

OMG, my Juicers
I just blew the biggest nut I have in a good long while. Welcome back to the Juicy Asian Show! I am your boy Skinny B, lethargic af from the load I just expelled. You don’t understand, man. This girl brings a whole lot more to the table than just her tits. You’ll see what I mean when you hit play. This is the one they call Airi Mikumo, and she’s coming to you live from Tokyo Tower. Get the tissues ready, bro. Or sock. Or waste basket. Whatever it is that you skeet into.

Crème de la creme

Shion Utsunomiya. Julia Boin. Airi Mikumo is woven from the same cloth. She possesses impeccable breasts that partner with a captivating face to launch cupid’s arrow right up your ass. Just look at me. I’m getting all poetic because of this chick. This video is an hour long and I even sat through the extended foreplay, because that’s how sprung I was. Shit, if I was him I’d be taking my time too. You don’t rush a session with model of this caliber. Homeboy did it right by tossing and turning her every which way while getting those good angles. Airi Mikumo just fucked her way into Skinny’s Personal Faves.

On a Personal Note

It is one of my fantasies to fuck under the neon lights of Tokyo. I’m all about that β€œspeak it into existence” shit, so check this: I WILL bang before a badass Tokyo background. I actually hope I’m directing by then, and it will all be done legit. As you probably know, ya boy was out in that concrete jungle there back in 2018. I frolicked Tokyo for an entire year and couldn’t get over the sea of lights that existed for miles on end. One of my motives for doing this blog is to become a digital nomad and jet right back into that city. I need to be in the epicenter of all this amazing fuckery. And when I’m out there once again, my Juicers, I will bring you along too. ONE LOVE <3


8 months ago